Thursday, April 07, 2011

New chicks arrive

Four new little chicks joined our household this week! At one day old they are not a large addition, their little house (a clear rubbermade bin with mesh cover, warmed by a heat lamp) taking up only a small corner of our bedroom on a table right next to where our dog has her bed, near the woodstove. In about 8 weeks, when they are ready for the great outdoors, we'll move them out to join the rest of the hens...but for now, they make irresistable indoor companions. We chose the varieties - Columbian Rock x Red, and New Hampshire x Barred, for their winter hardiness and "gentle and quiet dispositions", from our local Frey's Hatchery.


  1. hi! i love your blog! stumbled across it by accident. live just up the street from you guys and never realized how cool you are!!! i was wondering about the it allowed to have chickens in kitchener? we've had chickens for years for eggs and meat, but kept them out of town on my families farm. i would love to have them in a backyard coop, but thought it would be against city by-law. i know waterloo allows it, does kitchener too?

  2. yay! new chicks to love! how many are in your flock now? maya must love them