Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday's activities - cheese making part two

We held our second cheese making workshop here at Little City Farm - back by popular demand - making cream cheese, mozzarella, and ricotta (ricotta was made out of the left over whey - which didn't work quite so well, but participants got the idea of how the ricotta process would go using whole milk)!  We were so pleased to have our facilitator Bianca here again, as she has loads of cheese making knowledge from her own kitchen experimenting, and makes the process feel so relaxed and manageable.  Really, cheese making is in fact that easy after you have tried the recipes once and been walked through the process.  Participants were excited about continuing their cheese making at home, and supplies can be found through the New England Cheesemaking Supply Co. or the more local Ontario based Glen Garry Cheese Making Supply Co.   I, for one, want to start making goat chevre, which seems incredibly simple as there are only 3 steps (as opposed to the 20 steps it takes to make mozzarella) - 1) heat the goats milk, 2) add culture, citric acid/lemon juice and cheese salt (available through New England Cheesemaking Supply) and let this stand 12 hours, 3) then strain curds through colander again letting it stand for 12 hours.  Voila!  Fresh goat chevre, with options to add herbs, spices, nuts, sundried tomatoes, etc.  Mmmm.

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