Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer solstice!

In celebration of summer's beginning...

today we had the first CSA pick-up with Fertile Ground CSA, just around the corner from our place.  It's a fabulous CSA (community supported agriculture) and such a great opportunity for folks in this neighbourhood to meet each other and share a common interest in supporting a local farm through purchasing beautiful top quality organic produce!  Tuesday afternoons always become a major social gathering over at the CSA pick up.  We are there each week with a baked goods table - we will feature various breads (wood-fired and otherwise) made with wholegrains and local organic flour.  Today's offerings were focaccia, broa (Portuguese cornbread), rustic apple-rhubarb tarts, spelt chocolate chip cookies, rhubarb pies, and multigrain flax sourdough breads. All sold out by 6:15 pm - long day, but so exciting!  Maya (my trusty helper) fell asleep 5 minutes after we walked home - she loves CSA days because of all the neighbourhood kids she gets to see - but was exhausted!


  1. Hi Karin and fam,
    I biked past the pick-up on my way home from work on Tuesday, and was wondering if your baking stand was only open to CSA members or if other neighbours could stop by. Dan often grumbles that there is no bakery in the neighbourhood for him to stop at while walking the dog, so we'd appreciate fresh baked goods once a week!

    (of the Duke St. Diggers)

  2. Hi Emily!

    Yes! Anyone is most welcome to stop by the CSA pick-up for baked goods - I have several neighbours already who do that (even though they are not CSA members). The pick-up is open from 3:45-6 pm on Tuesdays. My baking is usually all vegan, as well as some gluten free/wheat free options, and always with local organic grains...I dream of opening a bakery in the neighbourhood, someday...but for now this is how I get my baking fix. The CSA day is also a great time for your household to meet neighbours.

    Hope to see you