Friday, November 11, 2011

Back to soap making

I haven't had much time for soapmaking the past few months - garden and house projects have taken priority, and then I've also been busy teaching soapmaking classes this month (with more new classes coming in January), so it is exciting to get back into making new batches myself in time for the holidays.  My eager 3 year old helper was by my side for each of these four batches yesterday, wearing her long rubber gloves, doing a little stirring, sifting herbs, measuring the essential oils for me, and choosing the nicest lavender sprigs to lay on top of the goatmilk bars.  The bars featured below: lavender-oatmeal goatmilk; peppermint poppyseed; patchouli cedar and sage; rosemary lemongrass (it's light green from the french green clay, and strong infusion of rosemary tea).  Each batch we make uses as least one herb grown in our garden. 

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