Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me Craft Sale Vendor Profile: Elena Christy

Over the weeks leading upto our annual handmade holiday craft sale, "A Little Bird Told Me", on Sat, Dec 10, we are highlighting each one of the participating vendors.  Here is a short interview with Elena Christy (handmade eco-friendly accessories):

Little City Farm: Describe the products you will have at the Little Bird Sale.

Elena: Handmade accessories with a focus on using re-worked, second hand and eco-friendly fabrics and materials. Products include:
~ Chunky wool scarves and cowls
~ Jersey knit cowls
~ Laptop sleeves (ready made for mac laptops, pc laptop cases can be made to order as they all come in varying sizes)
~ Cloth napkins
~ Yoga bolsters made with green cotton (cotton that is not certified organic but has not been sprayed)

Little City Farm: How did you learn this craft/art?

Elena: I am mainly self-taught with a few one-day workshops here and there. 

Little City Farm: What inspires your craft/art?

Elena: I get great satisfaction out of making something for someone that they will love for a long time.  I also really enjoy the process of thinking through how to execute a project.  I make all my own patterns and love the creative challenge it offers.  I love turning an idea into reality and have a strong interest in aesthetically beautiful yet practically functional things. 
Little City Farm: Describe how your craft/art is eco-friendly?

Elena:  I try to re-work old clothes or use second hand fabric from thrift shops, or fabric people are trying to get rid of rather than buying new. When I do buy new fabric and materials I try to purchase eco-friendly fabrics and materials to make my items such as green cotton or eco-wool.

Little City Farm: Favourite music to listen to while you craft?

Elena: Right now I have been listening a lot of Mumford and Sons, Foster the People, Morning Benders, Bon Iver, Wintersleep and a little Broken Bells.

Little City Farm: Do you have a website/blog/online shop?
Elena: is coming soon…hopefully :)

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