Sunday, February 05, 2012

The radical act of baking bread

"Creating something meaningful by hand using simple materials and tools is how we begin to re-skill ourselves and our communities.  We begin to see ourselves as active producers, rather than passive consumers.  We lessen our dependence on corporations, fossil fuels and unsustainable purchases.  Once we become empowered there is no end to what we can do."  This was how I introduced a "radical bread baking" workshop I led on the weekend. 

How can bread baking at home can be a radical act?
1. Moving us from being consumers to active "producers"
2. Choosing organic non GMO ingredients (a vote against corporations like Monsanto)
3. Supporting local farmers growing grains, and local mills that grind the flour
4. Realizing a connection to people of all cultures, all times, all walks of life
5. Having the ability to teach others how to bake bread
6. Sharing nourishing healthful food with others
7. Slowing down and taking time to be grateful for this food

Not to mention the satisfaction of making something yourself by hand, superior flavour and freshness, cost effectiveness, and artful elements of bread baking...


  1. So simple and yet beautifully said.

  2. mm fresh home made bread!
    Do you know anywhere near KW to purchase organic potatoes/eyes for starting some in my garden? I have space to grow quite a lot. thank you!

  3. My niece from AU just returned home to her family on Sunday after a fabulous week together. She has sensitivities to preservatives so I baked bread and hamburger buns for her all week. It has inspired me to attempt to do more of that with my own family. We have made a lot of bread in the past, but we also buy a lot. Who knows what those preservatives are doing to us deep down in the long run... I think I need to pin that radical bread-making list to my fridge for inspiration.

  4. Well said! Beautiful and inspiring.