Saturday, March 01, 2014

Felted soap love!

We are spending a lot of time making felted soap these days.  It's been such a great activity to do with kids!  Our nearly 6 year old absolutely loves felting with wool and often comes up with beautiful designs that I would not have thought of.  Needle felting, wet felting, carding wool, finger knitting, even trying to learn the drop-spindle (we have not got the hang of that yet!), she could spend hours doing anything tactile that's related to wool really.  These are all simple projects that are manageable, don't need to cost much in supplies or time, and are easy enough for kids to enjoy. 

Making wet felted soap is especially nice on cold days when we need to warm our hands up and feel a little bit extra cozy.  Warming them in hot soapy water, choosing gorgeous natural wool and sorting colours, creating patterns that always end up looking like a lovely unexpected surprise when we finish.  It brings such a relaxed mood of thoughtful concentration into our kitchen that I could do this every day.  Here are some of our latest creations - if you want to learn please consider joining us for our upcoming Felted Soap Workshop on April 26. 

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