Saturday, April 26, 2014

Felted Soap Workshop

What an action-packed weekend around here!  We hosted two workshops today, one in the morning on Wet Felting with wool, and one in the afternoon on Permaculture Design.

The Wet Felting Workshop was specifically focusing making felted soap - the idea is to have soap and wool "washcloth" all in one, and a bar is easy to felt in about half an hour.  It was nice to include kids in this workshop since working with warm water and wool is just about the most relaxing, kid-friendly activity I can think of!  Our daughter loved helping me lead the workshop by demonstrating her wool carding skills, and showing examples of the felted soap and wool felted acorns we had made beforehand as examples.  Everyone left with at least two bars of lovely felted soap.  Felting can be done with almost any fibre including animal (sheep, goat, rabbit, llama, alpaca), silk, plant fibres (milkweed), although some fibres really work much better for specific projects.  For example, we used merino wool in our wet felting because it was a medium grade of wool that felted fairly quickly. 

Materials needed to make felted soap:
- bars of natural soap
- large bowl of hot water (keep it hot during felting process, continuously dipping wool in)
- bowl of cold water (to shock wool at end of felting process)
- wool roving (enough to cover soap with at least 3 layers)
- something to agitate the wool (sushi mat, bubble wrap)
- cloth and elastic to wrap soap and wool while felting
- old towels to keep work area dry

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