Thursday, March 02, 2017

Waldorf-inspired art classes - embroidery, drawing, constellation cards

Again, the days are passing quickly around here!  Two weeks of our Waldorf-inspired art classes have passed, and there are many beautiful moments from these classes that could be shared.  The children are relaxed, working intently at their projects, and many times we look around amazed at the quiet concentration in the room.  In the past week the handwork project was embroidery, working toward a larger finished project of a pouch to hold a set of small story stones that each child will make for themselves.  This week the younger children (Young Acorns) used block crayon drawing to inspire or "illuminate" letters of the alphabet, a nice way for them to practice forming their letters.  S for "swan", R for "robin", O for "owl", and so forth.  The older kids continued with sketching exercises in their journals, studied star constellation charts and then made their own constellation cards that can be viewed by candle or against a sunny window.

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