Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Week 5 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

Week 5 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

Weather: overcast with patches of sunshine, but chilly (felt like 2 Celcius)

Soup made by the kids: Sweet Potato-Leek

Herbal project today: 
  • wrapping sage herb bundles to hang at home (and use for winter teas, bath and sore throats)
  • discussing various historical uses of herb bundles for health, purification, ceremony
Art lessons today:
  • form drawing - looking at the human form and proportion (face, body)
  • turning the form sketches into flower fairy sketches made to proportion
  • cityscape drawings in mirror image
  • looking at spirals in nature (shells, etc) and sketching various snail designs

Other highlights:
  • delicious warm honey-baked apples made in the outdoor wood-fired cob oven! 
  • playing outdoor co-operative running games to warm ourselves up
  • learning about how the cob oven was built, and standing around the fire to stay cozy

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