Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Week 6 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

Week 6 - Thinking Tree Art & Nature Program

Weather: it's getting cool!  Hovering around 0 degrees Celcius today with one tiny snow flurry

Soup made by the kids: Not soup today, but rather fancy oatmeal bowls with lots of toppings

Herbal project today:
  • preparing our own blend of Peace Tea - with relaxing calming herbs like lemon balm, catnip, linden, rose and chamomile
  • using our senses to get to know lemon balm from the garden
  • using our new blend to make herbal tea over the fire - so cozy!
Art lessons today:
    • imagining a world of small - finding miniature landscapes in the yard and drawing ourselves into them (for example, what would it be like to live in a milkweed pod?)
    • developing our skills for drawing birds
    Other highlights:
    • warm-up games at the nearby park field - so fun to see everyone laughing and running ("catch the dragon's tail" was especially funny as a group effort)
    • fresh pumpkin pie for an extra lunch treat
    • warming our hands by the outdoor fire which we kept going most of the day
    • planning for next week's session - halloween party!

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