Monday, July 04, 2011

Harness the sun - healthful herbal sun tea

How to make a cool herbal tea on a hot day - use the sun's energy to prepare a simple sun tea or lemonade.   This is a great cooking project for kids - they can collect the herbs from the garden, help chop the lemon, stir in the honey, and mix up the tea in the jar.  Then everyone can sit back to watch the sun do the rest of the work, slowly steeping the tea to perfection.  Our sun tea today was peppermint-chocolate mint, with lemon, ginger and honey.  So refreshing!

You will need:
- large mason jar or gallon jug with lid (or cheesecloth)
- pure water to fill the jar and cover herbs
- large handful of fresh herbs (depending on size of jar, aprox. 1/2 cup herbs to 4 litres water) -- we suggest peppermint, lemon balm, anise hyssop, fennel, chamomile, lavender or combination of any of these
- lemon, lime, ginger, and honey (optional)
- long handled wooden spoon
- strainer or slotted spoon to strain out herbs before serving

1) Combine all ingredients in large glass jar. 
2) Stir well to mix.  Cover with lid or cheesecloth. 
3) Let steep outside in direct sun for several hours to get a strong solar infusion.
4) To serve, add ice, fresh herb sprigs, lemon wedges, or berries.

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  1. Hello Karin,

    Your blog continues to be an inspiration of seasonal living, grounded parenting and wholesome foods and herbs.

    Lavender is amoung our favourites too, and we have happy basketfuls around the house, some of which we'd love to bake with. Do you have any favourite recipes?