Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me Craft Sale Vendor Profile: Michelle Morin

Over the weeks leading upto our annual handmade holiday craft sale, "A Little Bird Told Me", on Sat, Dec 10, we are highlighting each one of the participating vendors.  Here is a short interview with Michelle Morin (hand-spun and hand-dyed local wool, and felted toys):

Little City Farm: Describe the products you will have at the Little Bird Sale:

Michelle: For the sale, we will be bringing organic wool yarn, homespun and hand dyed, as well as felted animals, rovings and more!
Little City Farm: How did you learn this craft/art?

Michelle: I started spinning about 6 years ago, after meeting our sheep farmer and learning that the wool was all going to waste! I have been knitting since I was a child, and I have always loved the amazing properties of wool!

Little City Farm: What inspires your craft/art?

Michelle: Usually I am inspired from nature and the seasons, but sometimes just letting the children have a go at the colors is the best inspiration! Children are more free and have less silly rules in their minds, so their  dyed wool is always my favourite.

Little City Farm: Describe how your craft/art is eco-friendly?

Michelle: All of our fiber is from happy organically raised animals, raised here in southern ontario.

Little City Farm: Favourite music to listen to while you craft?

Michelle: Again, happy children playing is usually the background noise in our home!

Find Michelle and her family at the Little Bird Sale, on Dec 10!

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